Alexander's Outing

By Pamela Allen
Published by Penguin Books Australia

This is a good book for little ones who may be known to daydream, never pay attention and/or stray from their mothers, fathers, carers, etc. 


Reasons we love this book:

1/ It teaches a very valuable lesson!

We have what we call a 'runner' in our family. A child who doesn't pay attention and drifts away or takes off! We bought this book to help teach the importance of staying close to an adult when out and about! It highlights the danger of straying..

2/ It helps children problem solve.

When Alexander falls down a hole, passers by try and free him using all sorts of methods. I like to ask my child how he'd get Alexander out of his predicament - which gets him thinking!

3/ It's beautifully illustrated and written - plus it highlights some Sydney locations!

Pamela Allen never disappoints. We enjoy all of her books and have many in our collection. Alexander’s Outing takes us on a little journey through Sydney, perfect for any locals, travelers, or interstate or internationals looking to do a bit of sightseeing in the book

For the 2+ year old... do you have an escapee or daydreamer in your family? If so, I recommend checking out this book.