Ash is feeling lonely. She wishes she had someone to play with.
When a sad elephant comes along, Ash has an idea that will cheer him up. Soon she is sharing her idea with lots of animals in the forest.
A warm-hearted story about sharing with others.

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It teaches the importance of sharing with friends.

Such a gorgeous book that shows why it is lovely to share with friends and that when you are kind, good things can come your way!


2/ The Chinese style illustrations are just stunning plus, they teach children about another culture and art style.

Fu Wenzheng used her knowledge of traditional Chinese art and international expression to illustrate this picture book. She used the technique of Ink Wash Painting (also known as literati painting) using only three colours to create wonderful traditional images. Red in Chinese means good fortune. Red is used as the feature colour throughout this book, highlighting when Ash shares her talents and red fabric with her friends, she in turn, receives good fortune. A lovely introduction for little ones about the meaning of colours within the Chinese culture. We found it really striking and a nice point of difference to other children’s books out there. We particularly loved the endpapers in this book and finding all the different animals. 


3/ It shows the importance of showing off your talents. 

It’s good to teach children to show off their talents in front of their peers. It’s so easy for shyness to get in the way. Sharing a talent is a wonderful gift that can make so many people happy!


A wonderful story for 3-6 year olds.