Written by Tim McCanna
Illustrated by Allison Black
Published by Abrams

What a fun book! It makes you smile just looking at the cover. My 4yo and 1yo enjoyed this before bed last night. Perfect for the 18 month + audience! 

Reasons we love this book: 

1/ It’s well written, noisy word play at its finest! 

Tim McCanna has done a fab job of making this book easy to read and FUN. He uses lots of words to describe the different noises each of the instruments make. However, all cow can do is moo. Very funny and the copy flows really well. 

2/ The bright, colourful, bold illustrations are eye-catching, fresh and engaging!

Allison’s illustrative work in this book is spot-on for the little reader. Using bold colour and animals with big wide eyes, it helps a toddler to engage and notice each character - which in turn, helps with the teaching process to learn the names of all the animals. 

3/ It’s fun to read out loud! 

I'm looking forward to reading it again! A parenting win! What a clever little book. We had a great time sitting together and making the noises from the barnyard boogie and my littles loved joining in with the answer for ‘but what can cow do?’ - ‘MOOOO’. It was quick and simple to read, making the bedtime routine all that bit easier. Thanks guys. 

The perfect 1st or 2nd birthday present!