Brian The Smelly Bear

By Mark Chambers
Published by Hinkler Books Pty, Limited

This book is guaranteed to give your little one a giggle. I know this book word for word as I read it every night for almost a year... No kidding. It will appeal to the cheeky little bath avoiders or those that are beginning to learn that silly is funny. We love Brian, he's doing what he wants and loving life - but his friends have a plan to change the way he smells and rid him of his stink! A truly enjoyable book that will have you and your child sharing a laugh together. You can hold me personally responsible when you've read it 365 times and counting... oh and if this is a hit, there's a second Brian book available and a third is due out this year! Hooray! Have you read this book? What did you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.