By Kylie Howarth
Published by Bonnier Publishing Australia

This is a brilliant book about determination and never giving up to get what you want!Albeit, we are talking about a seagull having a love-obsession for hot chips (that he gets banned from), but I totally understand where Chip is coming from and the message is perfect when talking to preschoolers. My 4yo adored this story and it made him laugh - especially when the seagulls were practicing for an air show in order to get chips. He thought the gatefold was nifty too and he went back to it repetitively to play, cute feature within the design of the book. Chip highlights that if you work hard enough, you may receive something even better than chips (in this instance, fish) so reach for the stars and never give up tiny humans! Chip is in the Children’s Book Council of Australia Early Childhood shortlist! A book for the 3+ kids.