Published by Hachette Australia

I receive quite a few books for review and I don’t review everything I receive - only what I love! This book is no exception!!!


Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ It teaches that change is ok!
Danny Blue lives in a world where everything is a variety of blue but nothing more... until the night Danny sees a red whale in a dream and it gets him looking at something new - which changes his entire outlook on life!! 

2/ it looks at creativity, comfort zones and colour.
When Danny sees the colour red he tries to describe it to everyone but can’t... he has to experiment and find ways to create the colour to show it to the world! He calls it his ‘Really Excellent Dream’ (or R.E.D.)
It causes a lot of confusion and nobody is sure how to handle the new colour when all they’ve ever known is blue!

3/ it’s quirky, offbeat and fun!!
Loved it. It was such a fun story that made Mr 5 and I laugh out loud. Reminiscent of the movie Pleasantville where they live in black and white and then go into full colour... I like these sort of stories which make people question what they think is ‘normal’. The illustrations and story work perfectly together. 

It was an excellent way of showing my son that introducing something new into your life is fine! Not everyone may agree or like the change, but you can learn to adapt.

Please give this one a go! It’s wonderful.

For 4yo and up.