By Andy Lee
Illustrated by Heath McKenzie
Published by Lake Press

My 5yo son just started his school transition… at his first day at school they read this book. He came home RAVING about it… We ended up driving straight to the shops to purchase it as he would not stop talking about it (keep in mind my son is a kid of few words, so I knew this book must be something if he was this excited about it!!) Let’s just say, I loved it too… 

Reasons WE ❤️ this book:

1/ It was really funny and had us all laughing.
Andy Lee is a comedian, so I wasn’t expecting a serious book. It delivers in the laughs and has a really cheeky element to it. The monster character does NOT want you to turn the page… he’s not the friendliest of characters so of course the child will always tell you to turn the page and the monster gets angrier and angrier as it goes. Very funny with a great twist at the end.

2/ It was interactive and enjoyable for the reader and the listener!
I had so much fun with my son as we debated whether we should turn the page. Mr 5 was always eager to turn the page, and I would ask him if he thought it was a good idea and what if something bad happened… but we are giggling (as it’s such a light read) and he’s like ‘no, no, hurry turn it Mum!’ It is a good one to sit down with a child as you will both enjoy this one together. A good read aloud book.

3/ It lets your child be cheeky.
I think being silly and cheeky is important at times and this book gets them giggling and honing in on their kiddish, antagonistic ways in a fun environment. What I’m saying I guess, is that this book lets kids be kids. I’m glad they don’t take it serious and have a great laugh as well. Mr 5 took this book into his kindy class and I had the teachers telling me they’re off to buy it for everyone they know. So it must be good!!


Loved it. Great Christmas present for I’d say mainly for the 3 year olds and up. They’ll get the best laugh out of it.

I’m a tad sick of reading it every night… but, hey, if it makes my kid happy, I can think of worse things.