By Robert Vescio
Illustrated by Melissa Mackie
Published by EK Books for Kids

Finn is lonely. Puss is lost. When Finn finds Puss, he also finds a friend. But Puss’s real owners miss their cat. When he sees the ‘LOST’ poster, he must choose what to do. 

Reasons we love this book: 

1/ It teaches children about making the right choices.

Choosing between right and wrong when you’re little can sometimes be a very hard thing to do! Especially if it was to mean losing something you love. In this wonderful story, Finn makes the strong moral choice to return Puss the cat to his owner, Molly. Finn is a lonely boy and when he returns Puss it does break his heart, but he knows it’s the right thing to do. 

2/ It shows that if you do the right thing, good things will come your way!

When Finn returns Puss, he’s very sad. However, he is also happy with himself for making the right choice. This book shows that good deeds do not go unnoticed! When Puss has babies, Molly finds Finn and brings him his very own kitten to love and raise. I like that this area of the story also shows the creation of a friendship between Finn and Molly. 

3/ It’s an excellent story for early readers.

With very minimal text, this book is ideal for someone just beginning to read. My 5 year old son liked following the words with me. Robert Vescio has done a great job to bring big issues to life in such few words! 

These illustrations are some of my favourites. Melissa Mackie is very talented and the characters are warm and friendly and the pages are all beautifully designed. 

A great book for the 4+ reader.