By Megan McKean
Published by Thames & Hudson Australia

A few months ago I reviewed Hello, Sydney! Now, I loved this book, don’t get me wrong… but now my hometown has it’s own book and I’m an even bigger fan this time ‘round! Melbourne is voted the best city in the WORLD - and for good reasons! 

Reasons we ❤️ this book: 

1/ It’s a wonderful city guide for kids!

I constantly feel privileged to live in such a wonderful place… I also love that I can raise my family in such a fun, culturally rich city. Whether you’re from Melbourne, used to live in Melbourne, have friends interstate/overseas who may be interested in Melbourne… They’re all sure to love this book. Take yourself on a look-and-find adventure through Melbourne's colourful laneways, bustling shopping arcades, State Library, Melbourne Cricket Ground and more! By the end of it you’ll feel like a true Melburnian - promise!!


2/ It’s a book that you can keep coming back to.

Unlike a regular story/picture book, this clever book keeps the child coming back for more as there are always new things to see and find. With the help of your tour guides (a charm of magpies) they take you on a look-and-find adventure through the streets and iconic buildings and landmarks of Melbourne. Lucky for us, these are 'helping magpies' (not the swooping kind!) My 5yo son and I have spent quite a few nights fingering through this book. It’s been great for him to ask more about where he lives and also has help us set up some outings and adventures based on things he’s learnt about Melbourne within these pretty pages. 

3/ This could be your perfect Christmas gift…

Yup. I’d say anyone 4+ who either lives in Melbourne, or has family/friends in Melbourne or just enjoys a good old fashion look and find book will LOVE this as a gift. As a proud Melburnian, I am going to be gifting this to my interstate and international friends to show their kids where we live.