By Jen Campbell
Illustrated by Katie Harnett
Published by Thames & Hudson

Franklin is a dragon who loves books and wants to read stories to people. However, everyone is too afraid to be anywhere near him – until he meets a little girl named Luna. They form a beautiful friendship based around their love of books and they work to bring people together, so they open a bookshop on the back of Franklin – a flying bookshop!

Reasons we ❤️️ this book:

1/ It teaches children about acceptance. 

Everyone is afraid to talk to Franklin as they think he’s a scary, mean dragon. However, all Franklin wants to do is make friends and read people books and share stories with them. As we’ve all heard before… Don’t judge a book by its cover! 

2/ The story and illustrations are truly magical!

This is the book of my childhood DREAMS (which, as you may all realise, I’m now reliving my bookish dreams through my children). It’s all kinds of whimsical and exciting… The flying bookshop on his back is just such a brilliant concept. Jen Campbell has done such a wonderful job coming up with such a story to evoke the imaginations of all little ones out there. The words along with the gorgeous illustrations by Katie Harnett go hand-in-hand with each other to create the most magical setting for the children’s dreams. 

3/ It shares the love and joy of books!

I love that the books are what bring everyone together and that the flying bookshop becomes a place of gathering and comfort. Just like bedtime stories at home when we all cuddle up for a book at the end of a long day. 

Add this one to your Christmas list! Especially if you have a book lover out there!

For 3yo and up.