By Leila Rudge
Published by Walker Books Ltd

Gary the pigeon is a racing pigeon that cannot fly. He scrapbooks the other pigeons adventures and when he falls from the loft one day, Gary becomes lost, so he uses his scrapbook with the adventures to find his way home. This gives Gary his very own adventure to tell his friends. It's a heartwarming book that the 3+ child will love. 

Reasons we love this book: 

1/ It's message is beautiful.

Even if you're different to your peers, it doesn't mean you can't find or create your own adventure! 

2/ it proves dreaming and perseverance pays off!

3/ the illustrations are outstanding. 

Leila uses a somewhat muted colour palette to get the desired effect of city living - its perfect. Very cleverly done. 

4/ it's short and sweet - the perfect bedtime story.

5/ it's a pigeon called Gary, that wears a beanie - what else do you need?!?!

This book is shortlisted in the early childhood section of the Children's Book Council of Australia 2017 awards. Go Gary!