Published by DK Books

This is a warm and fuzzy little bedtime story.

It’s a special book about a family of rabbits… you join them on their journey as they watch the Moon disappear and learn that it always returns!

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ The front cover of this book features a push BUTTON that lights up a beautiful LED Moon. 
My daughter has almost worn the batteries out… on, off, on, off, repeat… It’s gorgeous. Such a nice feature to a kids book - what child doesn’t like pushing buttons? Ha! 

2/ It teaches children about the world around them.
This is a beautiful, simple introduction for little ones to learn about the different phases of the moon. If you have a star gazing, moon lover in your family, or know of one this is the perfect book for them and a nice way to open up a discussion.

3/ It teaches reassurance.
Yes, some things that go away DO come back… I like that this book teaches children that although the moon can disappear, it does come back! Like parents going to work or kids going to school etc, they come back. Sometimes things just go away for a little bit.

Great toddler book!