By Susanne Merritt
Illustrated by Liz Anelli
Published by EK Books for Kids

Twins Grace and Katie have only one thing in common: they love to draw! But Grace likes her drawings to be neat and orderly, while Katie loves hers to be bright and bold.

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ It highlights to kids that when you’re creative there’s no right or wrong!
That’s why art for kids is such a great outlet… there is no such thing as a right way to do it - so you can never be wrong when you’re creating art. The twins in this story love creating pieces of art - even though they both have very different styles. It is also s good Book to talk to little ones about the importance of being creative and visual literacy. 

2/ It shows how important it is to be an individual.
The book touches on twins/multiples in a way that highlights each girls individuality. It shows both of their strengths and it’s an excellent book to reiterate the importance of being unique and to appreciate who YOU are! It’d be a boring world if we all did things the same way!

3/ It points out the importance of teamwork.
The twins want to draw a map of their home and street, but the girls can’t agree on how it should be done as they both have different styles of being creative - so they work alone. I like that they end up joining forces and working as a team and when they both accept each others individual strengths, they have a lot more fun than they thought they would’ve working alone. 

Great book for anyone who knows twins/multiples, or even sisters (who may not always be able to see eye to eye (I think that may be most siblings 90% of the time)…

Recommended for 4 year olds and up.