By Hiro Kamigaki & IC4DESIGN
Written by Chihiro Maruyama
Translated by Emma Sakamiya

Published by Laurence King Publishing

Have you seen these books before? Oh my goodness… I’m in love with them. This book is the sequel to Pierre the Maze Detective and it’s BRILLIANT.

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ The book will grow with the child… 
I’ll be honest - this series is probably a little outside the early childhood sector I talk to… but my 4 year old (at the time of receiving this book) lost his mind over it. I’m talking spending hours and hours in his room trying to solve mazes and find things within the pages. I would definitely buy this book for a 5 year old as the book will grow with them and they’ll find new things to enjoy well up till maybe 10 years old… Currently my 5 year old is a little too young to solve some of the things asked of him within the book, but there are SO many things to do on each page that you can tailor it to suit almost any age from say 3.5 and up! Example - I might just get Mr 5 to find the 3 gold stars hidden within the spread. Sometimes that’s just enough! 

2/ The attention to detail is second to none!
The design and planning put into this book is absolutely outstanding. As an adult, I have spent a fair bit of time admiring the pages and also trying to solve some of the puzzles (it gets the eyes working)! Think Where’s Wally x 100. You won’t be disappointed if you know a problem solving kid out there this book is sure to be a hit. 

3/ It’s a book to share with a grown up.
I love that about these sort of books. For now, whilst I have a 5 year old, he wants to sit with me and do this book as it is a bit tricky. This is a good thing! We can spend time together searching for things and trying to solve each page. When he’s older and can read, he’ll do it and complete it on his own. So for now, spending this quality time with a little one is just perfect. This book is clever, beautiful to look at and FUN. 

My 5 year old has never loved a book as much as this one… we’re not talking bedtime reading here, it needs concentration.