Hop Up! Wriggle Over!

By Elizabeth Honey
Published by Allen & Unwin

We read this book before bedtime tonight and Miss 1 loved it! 

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It is simple word play at its finest! 

See my other photos as to how this book rolls... its wee, woo, zip, zap, zoom, nibble nibble and so forth. Perfect for the under 2's as they love the different sounds the words make. The more familiar you get with it, the more theatrical you can become.

2/ It's Australian!

It showcases a range of Australian animals, from a kangaroo, echidna, wombat, possum, bilby - just to name a few!

3/ It teaches a fairly standard order of a toddlers day!

Wake up, eat breakfast, head out, play, lunch, more play, home time, dinner, bath, teeth, book & bed. It's an excellent book to help show your little one that routine is fun!

4/ Just look at those illustrations 

Need I say more?? What a talent! They're gorgeous!! Got a 1st birthday coming up? Get this book! It would even be ideal for someone who's not Australian, as they'd really appreciate the gorgeous animals