Meerkat Mail

By Emily Gravett
Published by Pan MacMillan

This is a perfect book for any child who has those occasional moments of thinking they’d be better off living somewhere else... (we’ve found this book is ideal for the 4 year old plus kid, speaking from experience that is) 


Reasons we love this book: 

1/ The 7 giant postcard flaps are amazing! 

See photos for examples. This book is SO much fun - the production of it is A+. Each family member Sunny the Meerkat visits includes a postcard, which is a lift-up-flap and has a message to his family about his experience. 

2/ The moral of the story is a handy one to teach children!

Many kids start thinking the grass is greener at some stage in life, whether it's at a friends house, Nanny’s house, their cousins house etc. Sunny the meerkat gets sick of living in the Kalahari desert with his very large family, where it’s too hot and his family isn't big on personal space... so, he decides to set off on a solo adventure and learns pretty quickly that there’s no place like home! 

3/ The illustrations are gorgeous. 

Emily Gravett is an illustrative genius. One of my all-time favourites. The drawings are so engaging and clever. This book will appeal to both adult and child! ?Please buy this book. You won't be disappointed. It's so special and the lift up flaps make you want to pick it up over and over and over and over again. 

A perfect present for a 4+ year old.