By Tony Ross
Published by Andersen Press

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the hit series, ‘The Little Princess’ - it can be seen in print and in animation too (my kids LOVE the tv series). I was talking with a friend the other day about how to get rid of your kids dummy. I bought this book for my son when he had a serious dummy addiction circa 2012 - 2016… ick! 

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It was good to read at night to start discussing how we would get rid of the dummy
I liked that it was very light hearted and easy to read. We had a good laugh about it and it opened up a conversation with my child about why it was time to throw away the dummy.

2/ It was funny!
The whole Little Princess series is very funny. She’s a bit of a brat (let’s be honest) but it makes light of lots of everyday kid scenarios. I like this. It’s good not to take ourselves too seriously… Everyone tries taking the dummy away and she finds it in the strangest of places. Will she EVER give it up? It’s got a funny little ending that we can all relate to…

3/ It teaches an older child that they really don’t need their dummy.
I think there’s definitely a point where as an adult, you look at a child and think ‘you’re really too old for that dummy’… I know that a dummy/pacifier is a great comforter, but it really does damage to their teeth/mouth (I’ve been told of my son’s dental problems already because of his dummy obsession) and there aren’t many good, easy to read books out there that help a child understand that it’s time for the dummy to go. This book is practical and realistic with some humour along the way.

A great book to purchase if you have or know of someone with a little dummy obsessed human!!!