If I Had a Dinosaur

By Gabby Dawnay
Illustrated by Alex Barrow
Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd

This book is set to be a classic for all children 2+. I foresee this as being the book to gift for all upcoming birthdays - it’s perfect!! 

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It’s really funny - We giggled the whole way through this one. The character in this book wants more than your average pet, she wants something the size of A HOUSE! The book takes us on her journey of what she’d do ‘if she had a dinosaur’. Very clever and very witty. I enjoyed reading this out-loud.

2/ The main character is a girl - So many dinosaur books are aimed at boys... Not that the gender of the character should make a bit of difference whatsoever, I just think it’s refreshing that it’s a little girl this time as it can be hard to find within the dinosaur book market.

3/ The layout and design of this book is fresh and eye-catching - with a strong focus on graphic design, the typography, simplistic illustrations and bold colours throughout the pages are all spot on. Bravo team. Love the print production of the book too - the dinosaur on the front cover of the hardcopy is textured so it feels like a reptile. It is these little details that make this book all the more engaging. 

If you’re looking for your next dinosaur book, then look no further, for it has arrived!!!