By Jo Witek
Illustrated by Christine Roussey
Published by Abrams Kids

Reasons we love this book:⠀

1/ It's a GREAT new addition to part of an incredible little series ⠀

We have always been big fans of this writer illustrator combos book, 'In My Heart'. So, when we received a review copy of 'In My Room' we were very excited to see what was in store for us! We weren't disappointed as this book has the trademark interesting die cuts and for something new, it makes you turn it to the side to read it - just making things a little left of centre and interesting for your little reader.⠀

2/ It highlights the importance of creativity and imagination⠀

I love that this book shows how much fun you can have in your own room - with just your imagination! Kids don't need iPads, flashy toys and so forth... it's about using what you have and really enjoying yourself. It's amazing where your imagination can take you!⠀

3/ It's a fun, interesting & interactive book⠀

This is bound to have your little one flicking through the pages in awe. There's lots to see and do and each page is a different size and colour. You read it sideways and the triangles up the top change with each page you turn creating further interest. ⠀

I would recommend this book for 3 year olds and up.

I hate being gender specific, but I do find this series of books target the girl audience a tad more than boys, purely due to the main character being a girl!

My son just turned 5 and he was happy to read it with me, but I don't think he'd be going back for it again... Which is fine! It doesn't make it any less of a gorgeous book. ⠀