By Freya Hartas
Published by Lemniscaat Ltd

This is a brilliant story for all those naughty children out there… 


Reasons we love this book:


1/ It's a little bit quirky, a tad absurd, very funny and NOT completely politically correct! 

If you too are down with this, then this book will delight! It has an undertone of the Little Princess series, which we read regularly. Why, I hear you ask is it not PC? Well, Esmeralda is exceptionally naughty and can’t be settled at home with her parents, so they send her away because they can't deal with her … when they come to bring her home, she chooses not to go with them and stays in the wild, so they take home the gorilla! My poor parents would have appreciated this book 35 years ago - ha! 

2/ It does highlight the importance of good manners and behavior... 

It just doesn't have the ending you'd normally expect!

 3/ It also highlights the need for parents to nurture a wild child and to show love and patience. 

No child is the same! Some kids are wild ones. This is a good read for both adult and child, to go through the book and question everyone's actions and responses and discuss together. 

For the 3+ year olds.