By Matt Cosgrove
Published by Scholastic Australia

Just a note before I review - I think this book is important for anyone who has a little one just starting kindy or school. 

Macca is a small, kind and friendly alpaca. He spends his days splashing in puddles and chasing butterflies … until he runs headfirst into Harmer… a BIG, unkind llama who is NEVER, EVER friendly. Can brave little Macca teach that bully of a llama a very important lesson?

Reasons we ❤️ this book;

1/ It teaches children how to deal with a bully.
I think no matter what, all/most children are going to face a bully at some point in their early childhood (let’s not forget the ones they’ll encounter even further down the track… Ugh!) I love that the story shows that using your brain, staying calm and having courage will help you when handling a bully. It teaches resilience and provides a good opening to discuss ways that you may handle someone that is being unkind.

2/ It shows that you need to be true to YOU!
I love that Macca remains himself in this story. He doesn’t lower himself to become a bully or act in the same way that Harmer does to him… he’s kind - always. It really brought home that you should NEVER become someone you don’t want to be to level up to a bully. Stay true to you. Always.

3/ It was lots of fun to read aloud & the illustrations are gorgeous!
Yup. I love a rhyming book.. this one didn’t disappoint. It flows well and has a great rhythmic pace. It’s also a very short story with a very big message. Perfect. Matt’s illustrative work is outstanding as usual. I love his detailed coloured pencil work - it’s bright, charming and engaging. 

If you’re a fan of the Pig the Pug series, then you will love this book. 

With a touch of humour and a BIG message, it’s a winning book for anyone involved in the early childhood sector.