By Maudie Smith
Illustrated by Antonia Woodward
Published by Hachette

What's your favourite mermaid book for little readers?

I’ve always loved mermaids. 

So does Milly… She’s desperate to meet a mermaid and thinks if she wishes hard enough, her dream will come true. 

I bought this book for a special little mermaid-loving-girl who’s turning 5 next week, so sadly we won’t be keeping this little treasure.

Reasons we ❤️️ this book:

1/  It really captures your imagination!

As a reader you get drawn into Milly’s childhood wish so quickly as her and her family relax and play at the beach. There are mermaids in the ocean (somewhat unnoticeable, but great to spot and find them) and the extra sparkle and glitter on the pages when mermaids are presents is such a great touch for little readers. I loved the family aspect, the disappointment that is then turned around with such a big high. Perfect for children to go through the range of emotions and to have a positive outcome. 

2/ It teaches children that wishes CAN come true.

Milly’s Dad gives her a beautiful shiny seashell … although she’s not interested in it when he gives it to her (she’s grumpy and sad that she didn’t see a mermaid), when she goes to bed that night, the shell grows and grows and Milly enters the shell and finally meets…. A MERMAID! Lots of mermaids! She swims and plays with them and all her wishes come true. 

3/ A perfect book for those learning to read.

There’s limited copy on the pages so for those little ones learning to read, this is a good book for them to flip through. The illustrations are stunning… some of my favourite of the books reviewed to date. A truly special book.

For 3yo and up.