By Laura Stitzel
Published by Hachette Australia

Mr Mo spends all his time with his best friend Jane, singing songs, doing magic tricks and sometimes making mischief. But one day, Mr Mo starts to grow. 

He grows a little more, and a little more, until he is so worried about becoming big and scary that he hides away. 

They are both so sad on their own - but Mr Mo soon realises that even big scary monsters still need their best friend (especially during very loud thunderstorms).

Reasons we love this book...

1/ It is a beautiful story about friendship.

This unique friendship between Jane and her monster friend, Mr Mo is such a lovely story about how even the most unlikely of friends can be the very best of friends.  When Mr Mo grows too big, he thinks he is too scary to be around Jane, so he goes into hiding. As a friend he thinks he is protecting her, but Jane is heartbroken and pretty soon they both realise that no matter how big Mr Mo is, they can't deal with not being part of each others lives. When you love someone it doesn't matter what they look like and how they change as it's what's on the inside that counts!!!!


2/ It shows the joy of a wonderful imagination!

Having a strong imagination as a child is one of life's very best gifts! Jane is one lucky girl to have someone like Mr Mo in her life... I think any child with an imaginary friend, or a toy that becomes a friend is particularly gorgeous. There's nothing like making up adventures and being able to rule the storyline of how things go and let your imagination run wild!


3/ The illustrations are exquisite and the story is beautiful to read out-loud.

Laura is an extremely talented writer and illustrator. This debut book is divine and deserves the attention it receives! I'd love a collection of Jane an Mr Mo prints in my house. The story was such a great read at night and my son has professed that he wishes Mr Mo lived with him too - no matter how big he got. 


A lovely tale for kids 3 years old and up! 

Mr Mo_cover.jpg