By Elena Topouzoglou
Published by New Frontier Publishing

Anna and her parents live in a lighthouse, surrounded by the ocean, far from neighbours and friends. Their only visitor is Mr Pegg, the postman. But when Mr Pegg needs help with his deliveries, Anna comes to the rescue. Maybe she will find some friends after all... 

Reasons we ❤️️ this book:

1/ It looks at the old fashioned art of letter writing

I love that this book explores the art of 'snail mail' and sending letters to people. I had an obsession growing up about receiving letters from people all over the world and indeed, I had quite a few pen pals (one who is still a very close friend of mine today - but that's a whole other story)!. I think letter writing is a beautiful way to talk to friends and keep in touch with people. Everything these days is so instant and unthought of - letters took time to construct and messages were much more meaningful and interesting. A great story to share my love of letters with my children.


2/ The stories inspiration comes from a true story!

This books inspiration came from the well-known pelican Petros who lived on the island of Mykonos. The lighthouse depicted in the book is based on a real lighthouse found on the island of Andros. A wonderful little bit of insight for anyone who may be Greek, or interested in Greek history.  


3/ It explores the importance of caring for others & friendship

When Mr Pegg hurts himself, not only does Anna fix his wing, but she also helps him with his job to ensure that he isn't worried or stressed about his work. Anna is very caring and she also benefits from being so kind as she makes so many wonderful new friends along the way. It delves into how being kind can pay off in the most magical of ways!


A stunning story for both young and old! Magical illustrations and a gorgeous story that warms the heart.