By Maura Finn
Illustrated by Aura Parker
Published by New Frontier Publishing

I bought this book a while ago and it’s been sitting in my ‘to review’ pile ... So, let me tell you the reasons why you need to add this book to your home library… 

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It teaches children to dream, imagine and have hope!

As adults, we all know that you can’t grow a jelly bean tree… but I love that this book keeps their little dreams alive and nurtures imagination and creativity. My 5yo LOVES this story - he has told me his tree would have only green jelly beans, as that is what trees look like (green) and also, because it’s his favourite colour… good thinking, but I’m more of a red and purple gal myself, so I’d like a bit of variety in the tree if he’s going to start taking over my garden


2/ It is visually STUNNING! 

The illustrations in this book are some of my favourite to date. Jelly beans come in almost every colour, so this book uses that creative guide and runs with it. The first page (see images in post) is a bit grey and dull… but once the jelly bean tree starts to grow, there is a colour explosion across the pages. It’s so engaging for little ones to look at and I think the colours actually open up the fun filled imagination part of their brain even further. Note; the page where he is in the nude is both my 1 & 5 year olds favourite spread… haha, they think it’s hysterical. Spot on with attracting the claps and cheers of the early childhood market. 

3/ It’s the perfect rhyming, read-out-loud book. 

We’ve been LOVING this one at bed time. It’s been on repeat the last couple of weeks, so with that, I think you know it’s a hit. I love that Maura’s text is easy to read (especially at the end of a long day) and the rhythmic flow is perfect. Lots of fun with words and easy to understand for the littles. Rhyming text can sometimes be hit and miss. This book nails it. 

Please grab this one as your next birthday gift for anyone in the under 6 market