Adapted by Cedella Marley
Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton
Published by Chronicle Books

Reasons we love this book:

1/ the illustrations are SO full of joy! 

2/ the books message is heartwarming, teaches the importance of love and is perfect for little kids to understand.

3/ you can kind of sing your kids to sleep instead of just reading to your child, as it's based on the beautiful song, One Love, by Bob Marley.

Adapted by Bob Marleys daughter, Cedella Marley, this is a book your little one is bound to love! We were gifted this for my sons 1st birthday and I think it's a powerful little book that all children (and adults) will appreciate. 

Cedella signs off with a letter at the end of this book. Her closing paragraph reads- 'I hope 'one love' will be your happy-healing-sleepy' song because I know it can do for you what it has always done for me and my kids.' 

Beautiful! Grab a copy for the next birthday gift you have to buy for! Suitable for all ages.