Our First Dance -
Daddyhood Journey
with Doodle Thinking

By June Kang
Published by Movement Publishing

June Kang created this book to help visualise his journey into fatherhood and highlight how having a baby positively changed his life. Doodle Thinking has been designed to unlock creativity for you and your little one. Why I like this book is because it helps adult and child work together as a team to be CREATIVE. I see this book as an activity book more than a fictional read. My Mr 4 and I had a lot of fun with it (note his doodle created on our blackboard which we will work on later to create something together)! A good book to encourage creativity between adult and child and build teamwork. Definitely for the 3+ kids as you'll need to be able to involve them and capture their imagination. As June tells us - Draw first, think later together for limitless creativity! The drawings in this book are clever and gorgeous and although the story is a personal journey for June, it is still one that many of us can relate to!