By Aaron Blabey
Published by Penguin Books Australia

This book WON the 2008 Children’s Book Council of Australia early childhood best book award!

Reasons why we love this book:


1/ It is a perfect story for children to see how opposites attract! 

Not everyone is the same! This book shows how our strengths and weaknesses make us unique and special. Introverted or extraverted - we are ALL awesome!


2/ It is a lovely story about friendship - and it opened up a hilarious discussion with my child about his friends.

We can have loud friends, quiet friends, shy friends, crazy friends... I thought this was a gorgeous book to talk with my 4yo about how each of his friends is special and different and we played a game about why he likes each of his buddies. Some of the responses were classic 'I like xxx because he talks about poo' - right on little buddy, hold on to that guy! 


3/ It was easy to read aloud - short & sharp!

As an exhausted parent, I love nothing more than a short and easy to read book at night that still delivers a big message. Aaron Blabey nails it with this book. Thank you.


A perfect gift for your upcoming kids birthday party. 

I'd say this is appropriate for 3yo and up!