By Tom Percival
Published by Bloombsbury Publishing

I kept seeing this book pop up in my feed, so I ordered a copy and I’m so glad we did… 


Reasons we love this book:


1/ It teaches children that it’s ok to be different!

Norman has a pair of wings – he can fly and they’re just beautiful. However, nobody else has wings, how would they accept Norman as he’s so different to everyone else. He starts wearing a big jacket and never takes it off so he can hide his beautiful wings. One day when he realizes that he can’t hide them any longer and releases his glorious wings – and to his surprise, there are other children who have wings just like him.


2/ It shows that you shouldn’t hide the things that make you unique.

Whatever it may be… wings, a birthmark, a beauty spot, something missing, something extra… we are ALL different. I love that this book shows children that differences make us unique. We don’t need to hide who we are or feel like we are being judged. We just need to be our true selves and true to ourselves!!


3/ The book is beautifully illustrated!

A little bit Oliver Jeffers in style, this book uses a minimal colour palette but keeps Norman’s big yellow coat bright (highlighting what he’s hiding) and when he sets his beautiful wings free, the book goes wild with colour. When he’s hiding the wings, it’s gloomy and dark. The use of colour sets the mood of the book brilliantly, very clever indeed.


This is for kids 3yo and up.