By Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by Cecilia Johansson
Published by New Frontier Publishing

When Tom visits his Aunt, he meets her pug Ellie. Ellie is no ordinary pug. Wherever Tom and his aunt go, Ellie must go too. His aunt dresses Ellie up for their outings. Tom finds Ellie strange, but she makes friends everywhere she goes. Tom makes no friends. He realises something has to change. 


Reasons we love this book:


1/ It highlights jealousy in a light and easy way to talk about with your children.

So, we got a dog a few weeks ago (note dog body parts in photos). We’ve been loving this book as it has highlighted how a new dog can get a lot of attention – but it doesn’t mean the children of the family are any less important! It’s funny how my 2 have become a little bit jealous over the new family member. In this story, Tom’s Aunt really babies her dog… so it’s a tad extreme but makes for a great story! 


2/ It explores dogs as companions.

Not everyone has or wants children… so, I think this story is important to show children how some people have pets as 'babies' and they mean the world to whoever owns them. They’re family. I think it was good to teach this and explore it with my 5yo who quickly started talking with me about how Charlie (our new dog) is part of our family now and he is his new friend. 'Even though he's not a human like us he still sleeps inside and eats in the  kitchen...' - interesting haha... 


3/ It looks at family life & outdoor play.

I love that this book takes us through the adventures of Tom, Ellie & his Aunty. They do things, see things and explore. I think it’s an important to highlight family activities and things you can do with your pet dog. I also love that Tom is with is Aunty – nice to show another role model and carer figure rather than parents within a story. Aunties are a wonderful thing!!!


Great for 3 year olds and up.