By Dee White
Illustrated by Tracie Grimwood
Published by EK Books for Kids

I received this new release book for review. Once again, I'm glad I did because it's got all the important messages I look for in kids books.  EK Books for Kids have such great books with really important messages.

Reasons we ❤️️this book:

1/ It celebrates individual strengths and how to accept each other's differences. 

Reena is deaf and dog is homeless. They form a beautiful relationship with each other and become friends with the hearing children at the park. Dog and all the children enjoy each other's company immensely as each has a special quality that unites them.

2/ It teaches children that true friends will accept and love you just the way you are!

Isn't this the most important message for all children these days? Be true to you. Do not try and be somebody else - ever. 

3/ The book shows children that everyone has something wonderful to offer! 

This gorgeous story highlights how our differences make us special and the rainbow is used in the book as a metaphor to show how all of our differences are like the colours of the rainbow, but when we are together we stand as one. 

Beautiful, happy and colorful illustrations make this book shine!

A lovely story about friendship, inclusion and acceptance. 

For 4yo and up.