By Kate & Jol Temple
Illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton
Published by Scholastic Australia

Two seals are perched on a rock. When others need shelter, do they share it?

Room on Our Rock celebrates the truth that there are two sides to every story. 

I purchased this book after reading multiple reviews about it and I wanted to add it to our home library.


Reasons we love this book:


1/ This clever picture book has one story that can be read two different ways. 

When read from front to back, the seals believe there is definitely no room on their rock for others. But when the book is read from back to front, the seals welcome others to shelter on their rock. Genius! The text is simple and easy to follow which makes it perfect for the early childhood readers.


2/ It teaches children about sharing and compassion.

My 5yo sat still after we read the book the first time. He then asked for it again - immediately (he was trying to get the idea of it). After the second read, we started a conversation about sharing - why it’s nice to share and how it can help people too. We looked at the seals and how they were sad and that there was definitely some room on the rock for them. Talking about refugees is a bit too deep for him at the moment, but I love that this book opened a discussion about compassion and sharing - the first steps in teaching him some solid morals for later in life!


3/ $1 will go the REFUGEE ACTION SUPPORT PROGRAM with each purchase of this book.

Yes! I love buying a book that helps a good cause at then same time. 

 This book is an important and worthwhile addition to any home library or any early childhood education centres!