By Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts
Published by Abrams

My sister-in-law bought me this book for my birthday. She chose very well! Not only do I love it, but, I love reading it to my 4yo son who thinks it is awesome and loves the rhyming text. 


Reasons we love this book:


1/ It teaches children that sometimes you have to fail to succeed! 

That’s right – it’s OK TO FAIL! Not everything comes to us easily in life, we have to work hard, FAIL, try things and it’s all about learning and getting better as we go. Rosie gets put off inventing things when she thinks she has failed… then, when encouraged by her great-great-aunt Rose (historical note from the book – this aunt represents Rosie The Riveter from WW2 a scarf-wearing fictional character whose slogan was ‘we Can Do It!’) – she gets back to inventing and doing what she loves. We adored this message and it’s become very important in our house as we get ready for our first year of school next year.


2/ It teaches children to NEVER GIVE UP!

As per my point before, sometimes you need to fail to succeed. In light of this, it emphasizes that you should never give up! Yes, you fail sometimes, but you’ve got to keep on going. As quoted from the book itself (this is my favourite line) ‘The only true failure can come if you quit.’ 

How good is that?


3/ It shows children to use their imaginations and to CREATE!

In this age where ipads and televisions can take over a little bit, I found this book a refreshing starting point to get discussions going around building and creating. An interesting and easy introduction into the world of engineering and a great career path to subliminally put in your children’s mind :) 


A lovely book for 3.5 yo and up (kindergarten age and beyond).