By Ezekiel Kwaymullina
Illustrated by Moira Court
Published by Fremantle Press

A couple of weeks ago, Moira won my book week competition. When asked if I'd like to receive her book (with no intention of a review push whatsoever, it was a gift) I jumped at it as I've seen it flash across my feed and I was curious. 


Note, I wasn't disappointed when I received it and contacted Moira to advise I'll be reviewing it!


Reasons we love this book:


1/ The rainbow is used as a symbol of our diversity.

It goes through each colour showing what each represents... if I was Violet I'd be as bright as the blooming dawn .... if I was yellow I'd be as soft as the silky sands... a gorgeous way to highlight diversity with children to show differences and also how we are all unique!


2/ The screen prints are so beautiful!!

Moira's screen prints throughout the book are a real point of difference in the early childhood book sector. My kids loved their simplistic style and bright nature. They highlight every colour perfectly!


3/ It was a great learning guide for colour - and nature too!

My 1 year old was drawn to the bright colours and my 4 year old enjoyed showing off his skills in colour and nature. The rhyming nature of this book made it easy to read out loud and a fun book for both kids to enjoy.


I highly recommend this book, it’s a real joy. Gorgeously executed and who doesn't love a rainbow?! 


My 1 year old enjoyed it, but I would say the message is best for the 3-5 yo audience.