By Tania McCartney
Illustrated by Jess Racklyeft
Published by Exisle Publishing - EK Books

This duo can do no wrong in my eyes! Following on from the award-winning book Smile Cry, this new, innovative, flip-format picture book explores the 2 senses seeing and hearing.

Piglet, Bunny and Cat return in this charming sensory adventure that encourages kids to engage with the world around them via sight and sound.

There's magic all around you. What can you see? What can you hear?

Reasons we love this book:

1/ It invites us to explore the everyday magic that surrounds us.

From watching 'squiggly rain' as it hits the window or hearing 'buzzing blossoms' as bees collect pollen and nectar I really enjoyed how this story explores all the little, everyday wonderful things around us (that maybe we take for granted). It was nice to talk about this with my kids and ask them things they hear, or see when they're exploring their surroundings.


2/ It explores senses, sensory development, sight & hearing.

It helped open up a discussion about the senses sight and sound. My 2 year old loved the pictures (especially the pig) but my 5 year old really liked the wordplay. I enjoyed explaining how our sight and hearing works - wiggling their ears when we talked about hearing and tickling their eyes when I told them how we see etc. It was a great book to educate and inform my children on topics that could possibly be a bit dull if explained to them scientifically!


3/ It is a fun format flip book that captivates your child immediately.

I love these flip books! On the front side, we read through all the things we can see with our eyes. The back side takes us on a journey about things we can hear. My 5 year old picked this one up straight away and flipped it around a few times before wanting to read it with me.

Wonderful book! The illustrations are stunning. The story is beautifully written and so descriptive and captivating. Gorgeous book!

Great for 3yo and up.