By Tania McCartney
Illustrated by Jess Racklyeft
Published by EK Books for Kids

So, I’ve been wanting to review this book for a long time. I thought there’s no better time of year than the holiday period for this one…

A beginners book about feelings. We have lots of feelings in our house at the moment. The kids have had so much fun that they’re just plain old exhausted… meaning we have lots of happy and sad moments throughout the day. Yikes! 

Reasons we ❤️ this book;

1/ You get 2 books in 1!
This clever little flip book offers 2 reads… 1 that focuses on things that make you smile and the other side of the book looks at things that make you cry. So, depending on your little ones mood, you get to pick which emotion to focus on. The illustrations are just gorgeous. They are warm and fuzzy and keep children entertained. The copy is spot on - uncomplicated and easy to understand. 

2/ A simple way to talk about emotions with your child.
Smiling and crying are 2 things kids do a lot of. I love that this book focuses on the 2 main emotions of happy and sad and breaks down different situations that you may find yourself smiling or crying. I liked talking to my 5 year old about this book and asking what things make him happy/sad. Really clever without delving into the bigger spectrum of feelings… 

3/ It opened up a conversation with my child.
It’s good to find a book that gets kids talking. You can learn so much about how they’re feeling when you open up conversations in such a simplistic and fun manner. This book really opened a few doors - nothing groundbreaking, but always helpful to hear what makes your kid feel happy or sad. 

Everyone should own a copy of this book in their bookshelf to pull out when emotions are running a little higher in the house than normal!!

What a lovely book... Perfect in this overwhelming season to sit down at the end of a long day and have a little debrief.