By Shinsuke Yoshitake
Published by Abrams Kids

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ It’s silly and made us laugh!
It’s about a little boy who decides to get himself undressed and gets his top stuck over his head. After trying to remove it, he realises it may never come off, so he starts looking at the rest of his life being ‘stuck’ and unable to see past the top caught around his head. My 18 month old really laughed at this book… Mr 5 chuckled too, albeit he was a bit too old for the book and probably wouldn’t go back for it again. It’s still a really light and funny story for a bedtime read. It’s being demanded here on a very regular basis by Ms 1 - it’s already become a popular one within the first 48 hours of owning it!!! 👍🏽

2/ It teaches little ones that it’s ok for other people to do things for them.
I find that toddlers become SO independent and stubborn - oh and then frustrated, around the 18 month mark that this book is a lovely little story to teach them that sometimes they can’t quite do everything themselves and it’s a relief when an adult does step in to save the day (no harm in them trying things out though of course)! 👍🏽

3/ It’s easy to read and very light before bedtime.
It’s funny, silly, easy to read and ticks all the boxes of a good before bed book. Oh and did I mention it’s not too long… Important after a long day. Also important when they want it read more than once… 

A wonderful, relatable and enjoyable book for the 18 month and above audience.

This book has been translated in NINE different languages. What an achievement!!