Fast facts:

  • Healthy, delicious, real and convenient ready made meal for kids
  • Established by Alecia Whitelaw (mum to two beautiful girls) in 2014
  • Use premium, local ingredients sourced from their favourite small suppliers
  • 16 retail partners (and growing!)
  • Offer home delivery all across Melbourne 
  • All of their meals are approved by a Dietician
  • Meals are a complete and balanced meal full of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.


Gourmet Juniors was established Alecia Whitelaw (mum to two beautiful girls) in 2014 to fill the gap for a healthy, delicious, real and convenient ready made meal for kids.

Gourmet Juniors mini-meals are full of fresh, nutritious goodness for mini people aged from 6 months. Little minds & bodies need the best nutrition possible. So their meals are handmade using local free-range meats & seasonal organic produce then frozen fresh.

Gourmet Juniors makes healthy eating easy & convenient. Their meals are a perfect solution for a wholesome meal at home or away.

Reasons we love Gourmet Juniors:

1. They have saved me at dinner time!

I'm sure many of you can relate to the dinner time rush... You finish a busy day at work and realise that you've got nothing healthy and nutritious for the kids to eat. Yikes. A Happy Meal just ain't gonna cut it and your mothers guilt would reach new levels on a Tuesday night... So, enter Gourmet Juniors! Stocked in over 16 locations in Melbourne there should be a shop close to home that you can grab a healthy dinner for the kiddos from!


2. Home delivery - YES PLEASE!

I am busy/lazy... but, sometimes heading to the shops with a 1 year old isn't my idea of a fun outing. Gourmet Juniors offer home delivery to metro Melbourne. Orders are delivered weekly on a Thursday and need to be received by Tuesday 1pm to ensure guaranteed delivery (minimum order is seven meals). 


3. The meals are all super tasty - and nutritious...

My kids love these meals. The coconut chicken curry is a household fave and the nuggets are also a winner. I would highly recommend this as a gift for someone. A friend brought me a selection of these meals when I had my daughter - what a lifesaver! At the time, I was exhausted and eating UberEats most nights... and I wanted my 3.5yo to still have something healthy to eat, but the energy to cook for him was tough in the very early days. Enter Gourmet Juniors - what a lifesaver that was (seriously). Plus, each meal is dietician approved.

Consider this as a gift option for a new Mum who has an older kid at home - it will help them immensely in those early weeks!

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