Fast facts:

  • Family, kids & baby photographer
  • Adelaide based
  • Mamma of 2 boys
  • Competitive pricing
  • In-home or location photo sessions 

Who is Leah Menner?

"I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember but only decided to give it a real go in 2016. As a creative, visual person, I remember being home with my babies thinking "I wish I could reach around to photograph those tiny legs dangling down as I carry him around..", "I wish I could set up get a snap of my toddler climbing on my head while i'm breastfeeding on the couch.." "Why can't my husband take a beautiful, natural, not fuzzy photo of me bathing my baby?!" (sorry babe) - well, as it turns out, that's what I'm here for.. Parenthood, motherhood especially, is my biggest inspiration and capturing that insane connection is my goal every time." - Leah M. 


Reasons we love Leah's work:

1/ Her photos capture kids and family life perfectly.

Leah photographed my little sisters family last year and I'm envious of the photos. They're such beautiful images that have captured the crazy goings-ons at their abode just perfectly. They're a wild bunch - and the images nailed this!


2/ Not only is she a good photographer - she's competitively priced.

Pricing can be viewed here

To sweeten the deal, her pricing is competitive and she works long and hard to perfect the finished products. 


3/ An Adelaide Mamma who dared to venture into the creative world - and succeeded!

Leah started her business and hit the ground running to build up a client list and also, build trust with the families she worked with. She has a reputation of being calm, relaxed and fun to work with. What's not to enjoy about that? 


If you live in Adelaide, maybe it's time you organised a family photo?

Or, what about your buddy who's having her baby shower in a few months time and you're stuck for a gift? Leah does gift vouchers too - what a wonderful group present!

How to get in touch or find out more about Leah:

Leah Menner
+61 435 941 423