By Lili Wilkinson #liliwilkinson 
Illustrated by Amanda Francey  @amanda_francey 
Published by Allen and Unwin @allenandunwin 

Buy this book if you have older children who may have this Christmas interrupted by the arrival of a new sibling!!!

I wasn’t sure what was going on in this book whilst reading it… I started to get a little bit sad for these kids… but at the end, it all makes perfect sense! 
I know quite a few people who might appreciate this book with many December babies due!

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ It gives the reader ALL the feelings.

When reading this book together on Saturday night we felt sad, confused, worried, happy and more! Yes, it brought about many emotions and they were really good to talk about with my 5yo son. We were both so worried these kids were going to have a bad Christmas… but in the end, it’s perfect - even if it isn’t the same as they were used to.

2/ It teaches children that in families, sometimes things change and it highlights ways to adapt. 

I love that this book keeps referring to ‘last Christmas’ and the youngest character is unhappy that they are not doing all the things they did in the past. She’s upset, confused and a little bewildered that she isn’t getting that fizzy ‘Christmas Feeling’… It’s very cute and teaches children that sometimes in our family unit, things change. It’s not always ideal, but if a family is loving we can all work together to make new memories, traditions and so forth, no matter what the circumstances.

3/ It’s not your traditional Christmas story! Oh - and the words & illustrations are stunning.

Amanda Francey has put together such striking illustrations to work alongside Lili Wilkinson’s gorgeous words. My son loved this book. It was such a great Christmas book that wasn’t all about Santa and presents… it has a real focus on family and how things change and Christmas may not always be picture perfect as such every single year. It wasn’t a sad story or depressing by any means (though in the first three quarters of it I was getting a little worried where it was headed haha)… It is a great message for children to learn that you can make your own Christmas feelings!

For 3+