By Deborah Kelly
Illustrated by Gwynneth Jones
Published by EK BOOKS FOR KIDS

I can’t express HOW important I think this book is for all childcare centres, kindergartens and primary schools to purchase. 

This story explores difference and diversity. It highlights what it is like for a family living with someone who has ASD - autism spectrum disorder - and it is told through the eyes of Zane’s (the little boy with ASD) older sister to make it easy to understand for the younger audience. 

Reasons we love this book: 

1/ It looks at ASD in an easy to understand manner for children

I think most people know of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this book helps little kids to gain an insight into the world of someone with ASD that is very easy to relate to and understand. 

2/ It shows what unconditional love & trust is. 

I found this book absolutely beautiful and very moving to see the gorgeous bond between brother and sister. The chalk rainbow that Zane’s sister creates helps him move forward in his everyday life, whilst using their imagination as he frightened by the colour black. 

3/ It shows that it’s ok to be different! 

The family learn to look at things differently and work together to make Zane less frightened and create a more harmonious family unit. 

What a special book.