By Debra Tidball
Illustrated by Kim Siew
Published by Hachette Australia

I received a review copy of this new release book and I’m thrilled that I did because it’s a wonderful, interactive picture book that helps children cure their fear of monsters.


Reasons we love this book:


1/ It’s interactive and puts the child in charge!

That’s right! The book realizes that it has monsters in it and is too scared to tell the rest of the story… so the reader of the book (your child) has to make it feel better! They get to rub away goosepbumps, fan away yucky smells and get rid of tingles in the spine… 


2/ It made my child giggle!

My 4yo thought it was hilarious and giggled the whole way through it. As the reader, you can really ham this one up and make it a funny experience for everyone involved. I used lots of different voices and brought my A-game of ‘D-grade actress’ to life when narrating this gem! He asked for it again straight after I finished it… always a good sign.


3/ It could really help if you have a monster-fearing resident under your roof!

Yes, it could be a game changer if you’ve got a little one that’s too scared to sleep in their own bed due to the fear of monsters. I’ve had friends who have tried everything… My favourite to date was a friend who uses ‘monster spray’ (which is essential lavender oil mixed with water in a squirty bottle) which she sprays all through the room and under the bed before sleep time. I feel this book, along with some monster spray could definitely take the nerves away. It’s a good book because it puts the child in charge and the reader (the book) is the one scared of monsters, so, they have to step up and become the hero to save the book from being scared… which in turn, shows how easy it is to take away the fear of monsters!! 


I’d recommend this for the 3yo and up market.