By Meg McKinlay
Illustrated by Leila Ridge
Published by Walker Books Australia

Once, there was a small rhinoceros who wanted to see the big world. So she built a boat. And sailed away …

Reasons we ❤️ this book:

1/ It teaches children to dream BIG. 
I love that this gorgeous story teaches children that it’s good to dream and know there’s more to life than you may be told. As a child I always dreamed of what else was out ‘there’ in the big wide world - so this book will appeal to the dreamer, the child that asks a million questions and also to help raise a future intrepid traveler! It’s good to follow your dreams and this is an important message to all children. 

2/ It highlights that you don’t need to settle.
The small rhinoceros is told by all her rhinoceros family and friends that they have everything they need right where they are. However, she can’t stop wondering what else is there to see? I love that she doesn’t settle for what she’s told to do and she builds a boat and sets off to explore the world. When she returns they’re not interested in her travels… except for one rhino who asks ‘was it wonderful?’ - and she sets the stage for another future traveler… 

3/ It shows that taking risks and being independent can have great rewards.
This book isn’t teaching your child to build a boat and take off, but it shows them that it is good to explore and follow your dreams and to be independent in your thinking and not follow others. For some kids it can be so easy to follow the crowd and not think for themselves.

This book is a great example to get them thinking outside the square and asking questions about the world around them. There’s more to life than the 4 walls they’re in!

Perfect for the 4+ reader.