By Emma Allen
Illustrated by Freya Blackwood
Published by Scholastic Australia

Reasons we love this book:


1/ It teaches children that we don't always get what we want!

Some kids have shiny new backpacks for the first day of school... not a terrible suitcase. Maybe it was because the family couldn't afford a new bag or it was just an incorrect purchase, you can make out of it what you want. Not getting what you want can make you mad and sad!! However, I love that this book shows a child how to make the best out of a not-so-ideal situation.


2/ It shows how using your imagination can work wonders. 

I love how the children use their imaginations and the suitcase ends up becoming such an integral part of their game. Gorgeous. 


3/ It teaches acceptance and the joy of making new friends! 

Most of us have all had possessions we'd rather have replaced when we were younger. Emma Allen takes us through a special journey of acceptance of the suitcase and also how accepting this item created friendships and a feeling of self worth. 

Loved it. 

A great book for the kids starting school!